Top sites to invest in bitcoin and another cryptocurrency

 Top sites to invest in bitcoin and another cryptocurrency

Investing in a bitcoin is the same as investing in the stock. There can be some differences in the procedure of investment. Here are some steps that should be followed for the stake in bitcoin.

  • First, to open an account in a firm that permits crypto investment.
  • Second, you have to deposit funds from your account into the brokerage account.
  • Now, you have to buy a bitcoin or another cryptocurrency using deposited funds.
  • At last, you have to buy or sell the purchased bitcoin or cryptocurrency for gain or loss.

You can also directly deposit the BTC in case the account does not allow you to purchase using the credit card. It is then followed by exchanging the wallet address from the target address. Now you can enter the amount of the source exchange and transfer it to your account.

Here are some crypto exchange sites to consider if you want to exchange the cryptocurrency.


This website is popular in the UK and throughout Europe. As of now, this site is also allowing trading in the United States. eToro permits you to buy and sell the digital assets on their platform. Even they have a practice trading account, where you can give a try before using the real funds. 


This platform has a straightforward process to deal with Bitcoins. On this platform, you can directly link your bank account with this account and can do the transactions by transferring funds from the bank account to the BTC account. You can also invest in USD directly on this platform.


You will find the free crypto trading on this platform. This site has started its platform in a few states with the bitcoins and ethereum, although they are growing very fast. There can be some limitations, but they are free to trade.


The primary focus of this site is security and transparency; thus, this site is becoming popular among traders and investors. There can be some exchanges that are exposed, but the main focus of this site is to protect its customers.

This platform permits you to deposit bitcoins directly. This site can have some restrictions that made this site difficult to use although you will find this site very safe when you start working with it.

You can trade multiple cryptocurrencies on this platform. Additionally, this site provides some margins on trade. Here are also some restrictions in using the site for the security measures.

The technologies that this site uses is more advanced than you consider. They provide you with advanced technology in the trading of bitcoin. Check with the rules and regulations before trading with this site.


It is the biggest platform for using some of the central and different currencies like Cardano and Neo. You will find this site worth using if these two currencies come into your priority list of trading.

This site permits you to earn revenue by keeping your margins while selling your bitcoins. it is also considered as a great site in dealing with other cryptocurrencies.


Elyse Sanford