How To Find Unusual Options Activity?

 How To Find Unusual Options Activity?

Do you want to know how to find unusual options activity? Well, you have come to the right place. In this post, we will tell you everything you need to know.

Unusual options activity is the data that is used by traders while informing their trading decisions. This is mainly used when large options traders are made.

What is Unusual Options Activity? 

Before moving on to any further details, let’s first get to know what unusual options activity is.

Unusual options activity takes place when a huge number of options are traded. This indicates that someone is making a bearish bet or an aggressive bullish bet on a given stock.

Finding Unusual Options Alerts 

You will come across many Unusual Options Activity scanners out there. But one of the top ones is Benzinga Pro. The tools within Benzinga Pro will help you to find Unusual Options Activity. That being said, let’s get to the details now.

  1. Calendar

With the help of the calendar tool, you can look for unusual options activity by date. This means you can also look for historical data when the need arises.

It also allows you to look for a variety of filters. This can include strike price, contract type, and midpoint. You can try out this tool for free in the free trial period.

  1. Signals

You can also make use of the signals tool to receive alerts for this type of trades. You can filter the real-time alerts by float, watch-lists, volume, price, and more.

The tool also allows you to select the type of alert that you would like to receive. This includes audio, desktop, or synthesized voice. However, you should know that the signal tool only shows you large options trades like sweeps and large blocks.

Even when you are not trading, keeping a track of unusual options activity can be useful. This can help you inform your trading decisions. Not just that, but it can also give you helpful ideas, help you find out what other investors are up to, and lot more. This is why many traders follow unusual options activity and therefore, you should do it too.

Dana Heald