Things you need to know before taking your cat for road trips

 Things you need to know before taking your cat for road trips

Most cats like to stay comfortably in their homes, and travelling can be stressful for them. However, sometimes journeys can be completely unavoidable. So when travelling with your feline friend, it is essential to make sure  they’re comfortable.

Nine tips about how to travel with your cat in a car;

  1. Take your cat for a small practice drive in the neighbourhood. Regular small rides will help your cat remain calm while you’re driving.
  2. If you are taking your cat for a long trip, make sure you take breaks after every two to three hours so it can get access to litter boxes and water.
  3. While travelling with your pets and needing to stay overnight, it is best to make sure that you have made your accommodation bookings beforehand. Without booking, finding a pet-friendly place to stay immediately after you reach your destination can be challenging.
  4. If you are taking your cat for a long trip, it is best to take it for a health check-up beforehand. The vet visit and any resulting need for medication or other treatment can be covered by cheap cat insurance. If you still don’t have an insurance plan for cats, go ahead and get one. It will come in handy in future.
  5. Another good thing for long road trips is to pack extra supplies; if your cat gets comfortable on the road, you can extend the road trip if you want. It will also come in handy if anything goes wrong with the primary supplies of the trip.
  6. Never leave your cat inside in the car. The car heats up fast, and staying inside is terrible its health – to say the least. Many pets have died from heat exhaustion after being left alone in cars.
  7. If your cat gets stressed it may jump around, which can be dangerous for it and the person who is driving. It is always best to put the cat inside a secured-down carriage.
  8. Obviously, as a cat parent, you will keep an eye on them, but it is good to have a collar with easy to read name tags in case it goes missing. You should also get your cat microchipped, to help you track it if it wanders off.
  9. Before taking out your cat for a drive, one thing you can do is learn more about cat behaviours. You can also talk to your veterinarian about this matter. You can learn about tactics to calm your cat in case he or she is stressed.

Proper planning is key to long distance travelling with a feline friend. Increase your – and your cat’s – road trip enjoyment by following all the measures which are mentioned above. Pets are a valuable part of our lives, and they make our lives meaningful and precious. So on our part as humans, we must take utmost care of our loving pets.


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