Things To Know About The Binance Referral Program

 Things To Know About The Binance Referral Program

If you plan to deal in cryptocurrencies, then you must know that Binance is one of the biggest exchange platforms for cryptocurrencies in the world.  If you are a new user referred to Binance, then you must understand that under the Binance referral, the one who referred to you will get a commission on fees whenever you tend to trade on Binance’s market. The only reason why Binance referral is so popular is that it features fantastic trading tools and also offers various crypto coins on the platform so traders can trade without any stress.

What Is Binance Referral Id?

Ideally, when you get the Binance referral id, you can avail a discount when you register on the platform. Additionally, you can get at least a 50% trade discount here, and you have to get yourself registered with the Binance referral link.

Types Of  Binance Referral Ids

Once the traders join the program through the Binance referral link, they will most likely have at least three options to get credit for inviting new traders to Binance. To earn the commission for a new referral, users need to use the Binance referral id. If users fail to use the referral ids, it will be next to impossible to determine how they got registered, and they wouldn’t earn any rewards for referrals. 

Referral Id Code

One of the most common ways for users to sign up through the Binance code is to enter all the information manually. During this process, the invitee will allow the user to enter all the mandatory information like their email ID. The manual process mainly happens when the traders use the platform without any reference link. For instance, if a trader heads to Google and finds a reference link, then the forum will not track it, and IDs won’t be filled during the registration step.

QR Codes

Lastly, traders will have the QR code, which they can easily use from the referral dashboard; after scanning, the code is likely to direct traders to the landing page of ID. Hence it will enable the system to track the trader’s referral Id to sign up again. The best part about the QR codes is that they are not only easy to use but also to share with others. Additionally, traders are free to add marketing flyers also. 

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