Your Opportunities for Business after getting the Golden Visa To Greece

 Your Opportunities for Business after getting the Golden Visa To Greece

When you want to do business with foreign companies, you will have to show some flexibility. You will thus arouse the sympathy of your interlocutors and will have more chances to conclude your transactions. In this article we give you tips for your business in Greece. This information will come in handy if your company intends to do business in this country. As you get the Golden visa and get your opportunity for greek residency you can actually come up with the best choices for building up a business there. Here are some do’s and don’ts about the matter.

Meeting time and dress

During a professional meeting, the Greeks appreciate punctuality. And yet, they are not always always on time. Do not ask for justification, but make sure you are always punctual. Dress is also very important for many Greek entrepreneurs. It is important that you dress properly and professionally. Take care of your outfit and opt for a classic look.

Contact and personal relationships

Most Greeks find it important that the current flows with their professional partners. By satisfying habits during a first contact and during your discussions, you will take a considerable step in this direction. In Greece, a firm handshake during each meeting is required. We shake hands at the beginning as at the end of an interview. Stick to it, even if you meet your contact several times on the same day. On the other hand, don’t come straight to the point. Start your conversation quietly without getting into the heart of the matter and show enough interest for your interlocutor.


Business gifts are not necessary in Greece. On the other hand, when you are invited to the home of a professional relationship, it is fashionable not to come empty handed. The Greeks are fond of Belgian products; a Belgian specialty will therefore be a very suitable typical gift. Beer or juniper fruit, for example. And if you want to make a good impression, you will also need to bring pralines or a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

To avoid

Naturally, several topics of conversation are to be avoided when chatting with a Greek professional partner. Thus, you will preferably not approach the topic of Europe and the financial support from which Greece benefits. Topics like Turkey and Macedonia will be left out. Finally, avoid addressing the effects of tobacco. The Greeks smoke a lot and will not readily discuss this subject.


The Greeks find their language very important. They will therefore appreciate if you speak a little Greek, if only a few words. You will be able to make a good impression and who knows, perhaps you will also be able to convince your interlocutors more easily. Similarly, if you are able to present your professional

documents in Greek, you will also score additional points. You can of course entrust the translation of your texts and documents to the Express Translator translation office. In your ventures for business these are the essential options for you now.


Dana Heald