What is forex copy trading? Copy trading is simple enough; you make trades based off of the trades already made by other experienced traders. That alone tells you the massive appeal that comes with copy trading. That’s because a lot of people cannot be bothered with the numerous potential setbacks that come with forex trading as well as the accompanying stress it brings. For a lot of people, it’s easy to fall into the habit of using a copy trading service and leave all the worrying to the professionals.

CTI’s copy trading platform has one of the highest win rates you might find anywhere, at a whopping 90%. That means that no matter how many trades you place within a period, you can rest easy with the knowledge that an overwhelming number of them will be winners. And you don’t have to worry whether this is real or too good to be true, because all the information and proof you will need is on CTI’s website. Here you can learn about some Binary scams.

It is quite easy to get started with CTI’s copy trading service. All that needs to be done is to get signed up after that is the opening of the trading account, then send an email to the email address provided to you and the process is complete. From there, you will be able to copy trade forex to your heart’s content. The signals for your copy trading experience are delivered to you in a timely and reliable manner.

Anyone who signs up with CTI’s Copy Trading Program can set their mind at ease as they are allowed to get in touch with the professional trader whose trades they will be copying, allowing them to stay on top of whatever trades will be taking place and even learning why the trader took specific trades and made other decisions the way they did. There is complete transparency. Apart from that you also have support around the clock. At any time, you can reach out if you need any help and you will be given whatever help you need. You also have access to further support through the CTI community that you automatically become a member of.

The membership plans have also been recently refined to be more accommodating to prospective individuals interested in copy trading FX. Three very carefully curated membership plans are now being currently offered; The One-month membership plan, The Three-month membership plan and the most popular One-year membership plan, with the yearly plan being the most value for money as it saves you hundreds of pounds. Each plan has been designed with a particular type of trader in mind. Maybe you are a trader who trades regularly but has had a number of bad trades and would like a few months of respite? Then possibly the three-month plan will be your best bet. How about a trader who doesn’t have the time nor the skill to pick winning trades consistently? Then become a member for a year and leave it to someone else to do all that while you reap the benefits, you will only be required to part with just 35% of the profits. In the end, it is hard not to see how it benefits everyone. CTI has a fast-growing community of copy traders constantly making nothing but profits all year round.

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