Why Tax Planning Is So Important?

 Why Tax Planning Is So Important?

Why is tax planning Important? For one thing, it is absolutely essential in order to take advantage of the many ways to minimize your tax liability. In order to take the legal deductions or credits that are entitled to require detailed and accurate record keeping. Unfortunately, some people try to “make up” the records they need at tax time. This is not a good idea. Instead, planning for and keeping good records is important to keep up with throughout the year. 

Sometimes people need professional help in keeping up with tax record keeping. If you need help with financial reporting Des Plaines IL, you have a number of good options from which to choose. 

Beware of an IRS Audit

The last thing you want is an IRS tax audit. Although a very tiny percentage of tax returns are actually audited, if you are one of the unlucky individuals to get one, it can be a big hassle. Major reasons why your return may be audited include mathematical errors, filing incorrect forms, underreporting income, and being less than honest. Most, if not all of these items can be avoided by hands-on and year-long tax planning, including the keeping of excellent records and documentation.

Utilize Tax-Deductible Opportunities When Appropriate

Our federal government provides a number of savings vehicles that enable you to deduct against your tax burden or defer the paying of taxes until many years down the line. These include Individual Retirement Plans (IRAs), 401-Ks, health savings plans (HSA’s), and many others. Most folks know about these vehicles but if you don’t, please educate yourself about Traditional and Roth IRAs and the others as well. They can be important tax-savings programs as well as effective retirement plans. If you need professional help, make sure you contact a trusted source. You’ll save money in the long run.

Dorothy Moore