What To Look For In Charge Capture Software

 What To Look For In Charge Capture Software

The hospital is the center of our country’s health industry. However, they must make money to run, just like any business. Hospitals make money by treating patients and charging them using chargemasters. Chargemaster is a guide that helps hospitals know what to charge their patients. The chargemaster coordinator is responsible for chargemaster implementation.As a hospital chargemaster, one of your main responsibilities is to contain all of the prices of goods, services, and procedures. These costs are used to produce a bill to a patient, but as most chargemasters know, not all charge capture software is created equally. Here are a few tips to help you pick the right charge capture software for your needs.

Common Problems To Solve

Not seeing expected returns seems to be the bane of existence for most Chargemasters. Chargemaster management is typically very costly for healthcare providers and can become very overwhelming for busy hospital personnel. Busy personnel can quickly become overwhelmed and it’s incredibly easy to fall behind.

The hospital industry has regulatory changes that are published often, sometimes daily, which requires clinical expert oversight making accuracy very hard to obtain. These problems often combine in an increase in denied claims and diminished returns.

Having a charge capture software that combines both software and in-depth clinical expertise helps to completely eliminate the main problems with maintaining the Chargemaster. This combination can help with better accuracy, compliance and increased revenue.

Selecting a software solution that has expert clinical consultants can help you to better research and interpret constant regulatory change. They can also help you with deleting, adding new codes, or updating information. They can also take on the burden of time-consuming audits to ensure that the previous day’s charges reflect appropriate billing that the patience received for services.


As you can see, Chargemasters have quite the job to do with many moving pieces that can make the job very complex. Some of the complexities can be solved with good charge capture software solutions. The chargemaster coordinator will work with various departments in the hospital and receive advice on any changes they think are needed for the chargemaster.However, the chargemaster coordinator is the final authority to revise the chargemaster; he must review, analyze, and approve all changes. If he doesn’t approve the change, it won’t be made. So make sure to do your research to find the best charge capture software that meets your needs while also making your job as a Chargemaster easier.


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