What is the concept of Bookkeeping and its related benefits?

 What is the concept of Bookkeeping and its related benefits?

Bookkeeping is the process of recording, analysing, interpreting and evaluating the true financial position of a business and its profitability and solvency ratio in continuing the business as a whole. With the help of bookkeeping you can determine the quantum of assets and liabilities and its debt ratio to evaluate the information and track the growth of business. It aids in interpreting and strategizing the decisions pertaining to capital restructuring, investment opportunities, operating expenses and many more. 

Various companies use the concept of bookkeeping so that they can keep record of all the financial data and frame strategies on the behalf of stability of the firm. It will help in taking decisions regarding merger and acquisition, disinvestment, divestiture, franchising or diversification with an intention of flourishing the wings of business into different divisions at the helm. It coordinates with the balance sheet of organisation and calculate different accounting ratios that will give deeper insights about the – solvency, liquidity, operating and profitability status of the business and its related activities for attainment of objectives and profit maximisation. 

You can call for external audit or internal audit to determine the current financial position of the firm and true reporting and expenses incurred. Professional auditor will scrutinise all the data of the firm, evaluate and interpret it and represent a future conclusion and position of the business opportunities. All these auditing work can be facilitated out of bookkeeping habits that records and summarise all the detailed information of firm within the financial year under legal existence of voucher and ledger. Therefore, call for an experienced bookkeepers in Eastern Suburbs Melbourne. They will professionally maintain your books of accounts, prepare different and separate account, prepare trial balance and then at the end maintain profit and loss account and Balance sheet. 

Profit and loss account is also known as income statement and that evaluates the expenses incurred and income credited within the current or past financial year under regular entry of transactions. While, Balance Sheet is used to represent the financial capacity of the firm regarding recovering the liability and settling of all the debts and outstanding expenses against the realisable value of an assets. 

Bookkeeping also studies the concept of portfolio management and capital gain and strive towards providing taxation credit out of it when it comes under certain sections and accounting standard. It is majorly concerned with classification of all the financial information and transaction where there is an exchange of money and assets having a realisable market value. 

Different types of companies use different types of bookkeeping method – single entry or dual entry system based on their type of business. All are supposed to show the legal evidence of the transactions undertaken in a systematic manner with logical study following the concepts of debit and credit as per the respective accounting standards. 

Thus, contact MP bookkeepers now and contract them regarding maintaining your books of accounts in a just manner transparently under constant evaluation. 


Dorothy Moore