What Are the Pre Construction Inspections?

 What Are the Pre Construction Inspections?

If you have finalized buying pre construction condos toronto 2021, then it is imperative at your part to conduct a routine inspection during every phase of your construction project. This will ensure that project is going forward with accordance to standards, regulations and requirements. Managing a construction site is a difficult task because it consists of coordination of different people, equipment and materials. This is the reason why construction inspections are conducted for several reasons on every construction phase. This will ensure that the work is moving smoothly in the right direction.

When you are buying pre construction condos in toronto, these inspections are contractual responsibility of contractors to give clients an independent view of the construction quality, work and progress. The construction inspection includes the underwritten activities.

  • This is to ensure that all the materials and procedures comply as per the specifications and the construction plan
  • This will also help you understand about the contractor activities and documentation
  • Documentations of daily on-site inspections will help you understand the construction process in a better way
  • Checking drawings and discussing deviations
  • Regular inspections will help you maintain a checklist and record in an accurate and orderly manner
  • You can participate in project meetings and check contractors schedule


On-site inspection will give an independent analysis of the construction work and its progress. Generally, site inspectors maintain a daily construction log. Design and construction will also pay a visit to ensure that everything is going in the right manner to achieve the desired look.

Quality control

These inspections will make sure that construction work comply with the standards. To maintain the construction quality, there are specifications and construction work is supposed to be carried out to fulfill quality standards.

Health and safety

These inspections are conducted by contractor as well as by the regulating authority. There are mobile platforms, ladders and other personal protection equipment to monitor; this includes head protection. Regular inspection will ensure that the health and safety of the workers and residents are not compromised. Welfare facilities, structural stability cannot be overlooked. During the construction phase, prevention of unauthorized access is also important.

Building control

The concerned local authority carries out these inspections; you can also take the services of a third party. Billing control inspections are necessary especially in the key stages.

  • It is imperative to conduct an inspection during the installation of drains before they cover them up
  • Before and during roof construction to check installation of insulation

Other inspections are insurance inspections, environmental inspections, which are related to water noise and smoke. Fire escapes and other protection systems are also in this list.

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