What are the Conditions to Fulfill for Becoming Eligible for EEOICPA? 

 What are the Conditions to Fulfill for Becoming Eligible for EEOICPA? 

The energy employees occupational illness compensation act has been specifically designed to cater to the needs of people suffering from illnesses occurring from exposure to radiation. Several employees were working under the Department of Energy during the cold war in mines looking for radioactive substances and elements. 

However, it would be pertinent to mention here that while working for the Department of Energy, several employees suffered illnesses due to exposure to radiation. These employees were diagnosed with cancer and other illnesses caused due to exposure to radiation, heavy metals, and harmful chemicals. As a result, the Federal government started the Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Act for the benefits of the employees. The act would pay a lump sum payment along with several medical benefits to the employees suffering from cancer or other medical health issues. 

However, there would be several conditions to be fulfilled by the employee for receiving benefits under the EEOICPA. The foremost condition would be that of the claimant working under the Department of Energy. Therefore, the claimant would be required to provide adequate proof of his employment under the Department of Energy. However, if you were unable to gather documentation about your employment with the DOE, you could seek assistance from the Department of Labor. They would be able to help you in the process. 

The other condition would be to illness to be diagnosed during your employment under the Department of Energy. To be more specific, the illness should be diagnosed within five years of your employment under the DOE. You would be required to gather your medical documentation, bills, and anything related to providing adequate proof that your illness or medical condition was diagnosed during your employment with the DOE. 

The most important aspect would be to file the claim under the right category. Therefore, you would be required to hire the assistance of an attorney. 


Geraldine Robinson