What Are Commercial Generator Services? Business

 What Are Commercial Generator Services? Business

When you run an operation that utilizes a commercial generator, you understand that it’s crucial that your generator is maintained so that it continues to run at optimum efficiency. If your generator breaks down, you could lose out on major revenue and potentially hurt your ability to nab new contracts.

When it comes to finding the right commercial generator services, it’s first important to understand all that are available to you. Here is a list of some of the most common power generator services out there.

Load Bank Testing

One of the most common forms of maintenance for a commercial generator is that of load bank testing McHenry IL. Load bank testing is where you make sure your rated capacity can equal your critical load. If it can’t, you may be in for a surprise when you turn on your generator in the event of an emergency and find that it won’t work for what you need.

Because a generator may sit in “standby” until it is needed, there can be issues with the motor when it’s struck up again. It’s imperative that you do a full load instead of a building load when going through a test.


Another service that is common with commercial generators is that of fueling. The right service can monitor your generator and make sure fuel is delivered on time according to your burn rate. This can be a real convenience so you don’t have to check your levels and make manual fuel purchases.

Rebuilding an Engine

This is a more complex generator service, obviously, but can become necessary. Some services will come do an on-site rebuild and get your machine back up and running. Rebuilding can be more economical than replacing an engine in a lot of instances. It’s important to consider EPA standards to make sure you make the cost-effective decision.

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