What a Good Customs Broker can Do for your Import Business

 What a Good Customs Broker can Do for your Import Business

Customs brokers can provide different import and export services for small businesses. As a business owner, you must understand such services and how your business can benefit from them. Just like other services, you want to ensure you get the most for your money in terms of customs brokerage. This makes it important to pick the right customs broker. Here’s what a reliable customs broker can do for your business:

Help your Business Reach New Markets

As a small business, you need to put your products in front of customers. However, if you have cross-border customers, you need a customs broker that has a presence on both sides of the border. This way, your products will reach your target customers efficiently and quickly. In case you are importing parts and components, you must work with a broker who has locations at all major ports and border crossings. 

Give you Expert Advise

You may be quite familiar with your product and business in general; however, you can turn to your broker for advice on moving goods across borders. A great customs broker can guide you on customs regulations, valuation, tariffs, classification, and more. US customs clearance by Clearit USA can help in reducing shipping times and saving money.

Use Technology to Streamline the Customs Brokerage Process

Every broker must have automated systems which exchange shipment data with Customs in both countries. A lot of brokers provide more technology tools or use certain systems in-house to increase importer efficiency, control costs, and minimise the risk of non-compliance. These tools include e-billing options, proprietary imaging solutions, File Transfer Protocol tools, and Electronic Data Interchange. Such solutions can minimise paperwork, help in maintaining your business’ relationship with Customs, and simplify our accounting. 

Offer Personalised Service

Every business has unique needs and brokers must be flexible and responsive to such needs. If your business has a low volume of imports or exports, you must look for a broker that will keep an eye on the details and take interest in helping your business succeed.

It is important to look for a broker that offers a dedicated contract, is easy to reach and can develop a real sense of the needs of your business. A customs brokerage company can be an extension of your business that can anticipate your needs and help in dealing with any issues your business may encounter. Their flexibility in solving problems quickly can reduce your shipping costs and keep your goods moving continuously.  

Elyse Sanford