“Using Org Charts to Power Success.”

 “Using Org Charts to Power Success.”

Using Organization Charts to Power Success

An organization feature or component that is omnipresent in most, if not all, companies regardless of size is the Organization Chart. When it comes to presenting the hierarchical structure of an organization, for whatever purpose it suits them, the org chart serves as the main reference point.

But beyond merely being a graphical representation that highlights both key and minor personnel and other people of interest in the company, the org chart has evolved and become a tool for organizational design and development.

Org charts are used to represent key figures and their particular roles in the company. This reference point is used not only for presenting to external customers, partners and supplies, but it is also used by internal employees and staff to identify relevant people in their organization who can help them in whatever needs they have.

As organizations grow more complex, the creation of org charts grew in complexity as well. One case in point is in the creation of a SAP organization chart that is used to define the specific functions of organizational units. To facilitate the creation of such charts, specialized org design software and other advanced org chart solutions like Nakisa Hanelly are used.

The following infographic provides an overview of how your organization can be more competitive in a highly challenging business environment with the help of organization charts. You will learn and discover that org charts are not merely graphical representations of a company’s hierarchical structure, but they can also be harnessed to enhance workforce management that will power up your business to success.

Elyse Sanford