Useful guide on Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) Visa

 Useful guide on Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) Visa

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Australia offers you a great opportunity to live and work there. Here you will not only experience an incredible weather but will also experience an outstanding lifestyle. It offers an unsurpassed opportunity to potentially skilled people to grow in their lives. 

This beautiful and multi-cultural country, welcomes people from around the globe. However, remember, getting a visa to live and work in this country even for a short time, can be quite challenging if you do not go via the proper channel. Generally, you need to show that you have remarkable experience and skill which are currently not easily available in Australia.

There are many companies that offer recruitment services for employers and employees bringing them on a common platform for a common goal. You can choose one of these companies to employ skilled personnel from overseas if you are an employer. The chosen company should have the approval by the Department of Home affairs (i.e. Immigration) to hire laborers. 

What is Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) Visa Subclass 482?

If you are one of those people who are experienced, professional and well-qualified, you can acquire a temporary skill shortage (TSS) visa to work in Australia. The TSS visa was formerly known as the 457 visa. Similar to the 457 Visa, the 482 visa permits you to stay and work in Australia for 4 years.

Applying for 482 Visa can be challenging as you must have an approved employer, in order to sponsor your visa application. You must also note that the skill mentioned is subject to modify.

There are four basic steps followed by a company to process your Visa application:


  • They assess and pre-approve your visa application
  • You will get a job offer
  • Important and necessary documents are collected and contracts are exchanged with you and your customer.
  • After the approval of your visa, you can start working.


Why choose an expert and known company to get your visa application approved faster?

As very few companies are approved by Immigration, your visa application can be assessed much faster and if, applicable, provide you a letter of pre-approval in writing in just 24 hours. With this you can even assure potential clients of your capability to work for them for a longer term in Australia. You do not have to face any kind of rejections and your TSS is also done smoothly. 

These companies have skilled and highly trained experts in migration services, who can guide you through the process of filling the application, then lodge and arrange your application on your behalf.

By choosing to process your temporary skill shortage (TSS) with the help of the Ayers Group, your application as well as your visa will be fully compliant. They have the expertise to guide you on how you could permanently settle in Australia and relocate your family too. Ayers Group can even assist you with your stay in Australia and help you maximize your earnings as well. It is the one stop destination that has a proper understanding regarding the complete procedure to acquire a temporary visa.


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