Use of Virtual Private Server in Trading

 Use of Virtual Private Server in Trading


A VPS (virtual private server) is a dedicated server that provides traders with a remote hosting for their trading platforms.

This is a round-the-clock running service accessible from any device (Windows, Mac OS, Linux, iOS, Android) connected to the Internet.

By connecting the VPS service to any hosting provider, you get at your disposal another fully functioning computer on which you can install any software.

Why you need a VPS for trading?

Here are the benefits of using a VPS for trading.

  • Autonomy– the servers work around the clock, and you do not need to monitor this, you only need to check its operation periodically.
  • Accessibility– you can connect to the VPS server from anywhere in the world and from any device. For this, you only need access to the Internet.
  • Efficiency– the server works around the clock, which makes it possible to use all forex trading sessions when trading.
  • Reliability– server equipment is connected to several Internet channels and has several backup power sources. This allows smooth operation.
  • Speed ​​of transfer of trade orders– thanks to the high-speed Internet, orders sent by the VPS will reach the broker instantly. This is beneficial, especially for scalpers.

How to choose a VPS?

When choosing a VPS server for forex trading, it is imperative to take into account specific requirements. Here are these:


  • Firstly, make sure that the operating system that is required for the used trading terminal will be installed on your VPS. For example, Meta Trader 4 (МТ4) and Meta trader 5 (МТ5) terminals, which are popular among forex traders, require the Windows operating system.
  • Quite often, traders need to simultaneously install several trading terminals to conduct parallel trading on them (for example, in arbitrage strategies). In this case, it is essential to measure the required computing power of the server.
  • The availability of adequate technical support is necessary so that you can engage in direct trading, and not get bogged down in solving endless technical problems (which for a person who is not knowledgeable in the field of IT industry can generally be unbearable).
  • Reliability of the hosting; because you do not want to get any failures in a server. Try to choose a proven, reliable hosting with good reviews.
  • Do not chase cheap VPS. Choosing unreliable suppliers or weak configurations can affect your trading. A VPS can cost anywhere between $10 to $100. Usually, a good hosting service offers several options (tariff plans) for rental capacities. You can always start small, and then, as necessary, switch to more productive (and, accordingly, expensive) tariffs.

How to connect a VPS?

Registering for the server for all companies is the same. Register on the site, select the configuration and pay the amount for the selected period.

After that, an email will be sent to you with instructions for connecting your VPS. The email will also contain the administrator login and password, server IP address, and server name.

After receiving this instruction, you need to connect the server using “Remote Desktop Connection,” which is available in all Windows versions.

Elyse Sanford