Stratford Management Inc Review Investment in South Korea as the Country Strengthens Peace Ties with Sweden

 Stratford Management Inc Review Investment in South Korea as the Country Strengthens Peace Ties with Sweden

South Korea and Sweden have reached a mutual peace summit deal on December 18, 2019, in Seoul. The partnership reinforcement promotes peace and in response to the fourth industrial revolution. At Cheong Wa Dae, President Moon Jae-in met with Prime Minister Stefan Lofven. Read on to know more about Stratford Management Inc review investment in Korea.

Peace Efforts

According to the office of the Korean president, Moon acknowledges the active contribution of Sweden toward a lasting peace in the country and encouraged the Scandinavian country to support and back Korea’s peace process continuously. 

On the other hand, Prime Minister Stefan Lofven expressed his sincerest agreement to keep their efforts and close cooperation towards peace with the Korean Peninsula. The government of Sweden has a Korean affair special enjoy hosting work-level talks between Washington and Pyongyang, which serves as the “protecting power” for United States citizens in North Korea. Stratford Management Inc review investment in Korea as a result of this peace treaty.

Korea and Sweden Partnership

Both leaders also agreed to develop further ties on the bio-health, Information and Communications Technology or ICT, and future vehicle sectors. As of the moment, Korea and Sweden have close cooperation when it comes to the following endeavors:

  • Science and technology
  • Investment
  • Trade
  • Defense industry
  • Nonproliferation
  • Climate change

The two countries signed memorandums of understanding following their summit, which aims to boost partnerships on gender equality, and health care and welfare.

South Korea-Sweden Business Summit 

Both leaders attended the South Korea-Sweden business summit held at the Seoul Hotel. The Scandinavian country has proved once again that peace would mean opening doors to more economic opportunities, and economic development will also prosper peace. According to the Seoul leader, peace in Korea will provide companies plenty of opportunities for both countries. 

Economic and Development Opportunities

Once they establish railways and roads between North and South Korea, Sweden and other Scandinavian countries via the Eurasian Continent will be open to more opportunities. The Korean Peninsula will serve as a bridge once the maritime Arctic route is created, enabling environment-friendly ships to navigate the Arctic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean freely. 

This statement from a Korean leader is not new. Russia and China, according to a report, drafted a new United Nations Security Council resolution designed to give some sanctions relief to Pyongyang, paving the way to resume related projects.

Hope for a Better Future

The Korean leader expressed hope that the business people of both countries will continue to promote and support the peace efforts on the Korean peninsula in Northeast Asia, developing a free trade system.

Here’s how Moon plans to carry out this endeavor:

  • Expand cooperation and create innovative projects for the industry field in the future
  • In-depth collaboration for more sustainable development
  • Once Korea has established peace, there would be room for new challenges

The Sweden prime minister arrived Wednesday morning, and it was his first visit to South Korea since the inauguration in 2014. Eighty representatives of a business delegation from 62 global firms accompanied him. 


Stratford Management Inc review investment impacted by the talk between President Moon Jae-in met, and Prime Minister Stefan Lofven. This year, both nations commemorated the 60th anniversary of the diplomatic ties between the Nordic country and South Korea.




Geraldine Robinson