Sales Tax and Your Best Options Now for Proper Submission

 Sales Tax and Your Best Options Now for Proper Submission

The present study presents the relationship between Taxes, Fees and Contributions and Sales of Goods, Products and Services from a company providing services of to demonstrate whether there is a direct or indirect relationship between the two variables (taxes and sales).

The National Tax Code brings the concept of Tax that “is any compulsory cash payment, in currency or whose value is express, which does not constitute a sanction for an unlawful act, established by law and through fully linked administrative activity ”.It is worth clarifying that the cash benefit is the object of the legal relationship between the taxpayer and the State, resulting in a transfer of assets, essentially from economic and financial nature, with the transfer of resources towards the thus increasing the assets of the public entity and reducing that of the taxpayer, whether natural or legal.

Compulsory expression is justified by the legal obligation regardless of the will, that is, there is no need for any act of will, being different from the provision voluntary, such as donation, when there is no legal obligation. Finally, it is worth mentioning that the tax is a provision in currency. Does not exist here tribute in nature, how to deliver a quantity of product to the Government of each amount produced. There is also no in-service tax, in which a professional need to provide a number of days of service to the Government per year.

Scenarios In case of Improved revenue

To improve income, you can borrow a strategy from restaurants called: Menu engineering. This strategy consists of discovering which are the most profitable dishes (in this case products) and which are the least profitable. For the tax cases, the sales tax calculator is important. With the calculator one can calculate the taxes according to the revenue.

Reduce costs

Another way for those who want to know how to manage a store is to reduce costs and to achieve this you need to be clear about the 3 kinds of costs (or expenses) that you have to face. The tax calculator is important here also.

Manage your warehouses better. Delivery times for your products can be reduced by taking good care of your warehouse organization as long as you have products that can be stored. If this is not the case, organize your inventory into stockable products and those that are not.

It is recommended that you take into account the most profitable products and those that are bought more so that you buy more of those in bulk. For products that do not come out as often, you can reduce the frequency of purchase so that you do not keep them in the warehouse as long. Accordingly submit your tax.

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