Recreation: It Is More Important Than Ever

 Recreation: It Is More Important Than Ever

Have you heard the one about all work and no play? It is definitely not good for anyone’s mental health. I suspect even worse would be no work and no play. That is the unfortunate situation in which many are finding themselves. While many are surviving corona, very few are thriving. We are just getting by from one day to the next. 

Having lost its color for so many, life has become one monochrome shade of grey, and not the good kind at that. The taste is a pallet-numbing cross between vanilla and tofu. We have been reduced to an expressionless set of eyes perched atop a disposable surgical mask as we shuffle about like listless zombies long bored with the apocalypse. 

We can and must do better. There is no reason to think normality is just around the corner playing a game of peekaboo that we will soon win. This may well be the new normal. It is certainly the new now. We cannot put our lives and the lives of our families on hold. 

Recreation is more important than ever, even if we can’t see how we can afford it at the moment. If money is tight, you are very likely going to need to get a short-term loan anyway. You just as well get enough to cover the modest expenses associated with a needful recreation activity. 

The loan places Gonzales, TX. host are just as Covid aware and safety conscious as the ones in the big cities. You local lender understands what you are going through and can provide the relief you need. They know that relief is not just about the next mortgage payment. It is also about your mental and emotional health. It is okay to use your short-term debt to create long-term memories of something other than the time you survived the plague. Here are a few suggestions for recreating yourself and your family:

Learn to Golf

Golf is no longer gentlemen only, ladies forbidden. Golf is for everyone regardless of sex, gender, age, race, or creed. It is probably one of the most covid-safe activities on the planet. Social distancing is trivially easy on the course. You will also get plenty of exercise while moving your golfball up and down the green. 

You will not have to travel very far to find a course. They are everywhere. You don’t even need to play the full game. You can try golf variants like par 3 and putt-putt. A simple driving range might be enough to satisfy your itch. Golf is a great way to enjoy the great outdoors without the crowds.

Get a Game Console

Let’s face it: You are spending an awful lot of time in the house anyway. Next-gen consoles are almost ready for launch. There will be plenty of people selling their perfectly good consoles on the cheap so they can finance the new ones. If you don’t care about the latest and greatest, this is the perfect time to buy.

There is more to console gaming than violent shootemups. There are the hauntingly artistic to the maddening puzzlers, and everything in between. Some console games will even get you off the couch and on your feet for some much needed aerobic action. If casual smartphone games aren’t cutting it, now is a great time to give console gaming a try.

Get a Pet

Pets are not toys. They require real responsibility. That said, they are far from all work and no play. The whole job of a puppy is to play. The same goes for kittens. You will actually find training a pet to be fun and rewarding. Now that you have a little extra time, you can use it to properly train your pet. The effort you put into it now will reward and recreate you for years to come. 

None of these activities are overly expensive. You will put a lot more into a family trip to Disneyland than you will golfing, gaming, and rescuing a pet combined. You deserve this. And you definitely need this. With the proper recreation, you can make this a time you will actually want to remember.


Elyse Sanford