Planning for a Vacay after lockdown? Here’s what you should do

 Planning for a Vacay after lockdown? Here’s what you should do

While the current pandemic has taken a toll on us, it has been specifically challenging for avid travellers. If you are wondering how to plan for a vacation post the lockdown, then this article is for you. 

In this article, you will find some easy tips for planning a vacation, such as opting for a holiday savings account and building your inventory. You can ensure that these tips will help you plan and travel safely once the lockdown is over. 

Plan in advance: 

If you’re planning to travel with the family to states countries which have been hot spots of COVID-19 in the past, definitely plan well in advance. Do not book your tickets the night before or on the morning of your travel. It is crucial that you book tickets for all your destinations in advance, primarily because they’re sold at more affordable prices. Of all the times, COVID-19 is undoubtedly not the time for surprise plans and sudden vacations. If you are travelling post lockdown, then it is vital to plan and prepare for your trip. 

Choose transportation methods carefully:

Even if you are going to be travelling after the lockdown, hiring or renting a private vehicle for a trip is the safest option. If you are hiring a car, ensure that the car is disinfected at regular intervals. Also, while taking breaks, make sure you take breaks at safe places on the road. If you are travelling long-distance, then air travel and railway travel are better options. Ensure you carry your disinfectants and sanitizers for toilet seats and toilet paper. 


It is better to get yourself tested before you commence your travel. This will ensure the safety of the rest of the travellers who come in contact with you. In case it so turns out that you test COVID-19 positive (asymptomatic), then it is best to wait it out until you make a full recovery. 

Carry your inventory:

Even after the lockdown ends, it will not be a completely safe period to travel. Hence, it is mandatory to carry a few things with you while travelling. One of the things that should invariably make it to your backpack is hand sanitizer. Ensure your sanitizer has more than 60% alcohol content. Along with this, carry your tissues, disinfectant wipes, and face mask. Also, make a list of any other essential items you may require. Stock those things in more volume as compared to what you would usually carry.

Plan your finances:

Given the current scenario, things seem pretty uncertain, and expenses can spring up at any time during your travel. Hence, if you are planning to travel post-lockdown, then it is important to plan your finances accordingly. Right from opting for the right travel savings account or opening a holiday savings account to carrying enough loose change in your pockets, ensure you have everything sorted out before you commence on your journey. You can also opt for some travel savings plans which could help you with emergency financial aid in a foreign country. Before you sign up for any of the travel savings plans, ensure you give its terms and conditions a thorough read. 

Apart from this, maintain social distancing, prepare thoroughly for the trip, and do your homework on the destination. Plus, ensure you stay in well-sanitized hotels, hostels, or guest homes.  We hope you have a great trip and bring back wonderful memories.


Elyse Sanford