Landmark Financial Japan Portfolio Management

 Landmark Financial Japan Portfolio Management

Investment is an excellent opportunity to grow your money. There are financial firms that take out the problematic part in investments like researching, learning, and dedicating time and energy into decisions. If you’re a busy person that doesn’t have time to allocate for learning about the specifics of investment, then you might require services like those from Landmark Financial Japan.

Portfolio Management

The reason why most people don’t dive into investments is not the lack of money. Often, they’re hesitant because they don’t have the corresponding skills to manage their portfolio. Portfolio management is an excellent way to get returns without spending too much time or effort into learning the behavior of the market.

Every account gets its portfolio manager and a team of researchers dedicated to making the best possible decision in every scenario. You can rest assured that your account is being handled by experts.

Fees and Charges

Landmark Financial Japan is a reliable company that lets you know what goes on in your account. For transparency, here are some of the many fees you have to pay:

  • Account fee – Landmark Financial doesn’t have an account fee. You can open an account for free.
  • Management fee – Every account has a corresponding management fee that depends on the service plan you choose. Plan B has no management fee. Plan C has a one percent annual management fee, and Plan A has a two percent annual management fee.
  • Performance fee – Once you open a free account and choose a service plan, you need to give a corresponding performance fee. Plan A has no performance fee. Plan C’s performance fee is ten percent of the absolute profit, and Plan B’s performance fee is 18 percent of the total profit. By definition, the total profit is the return on your investment, which excludes the initial amount.
  • Transaction commission – Landmark Financial has a fixed small transaction commission of 0.25 percent per transaction. To illustrate it, that means that you only have to give 25 cents for every 100 dollars transacted in the account.
  • Withdrawal fee – Plan A has no withdrawal fee. However, Plan B and Plan C have a 2 percent withdrawal fee. The withdrawal fee calculated after subtracting the performance and management fee if applicable.

Contract Period

Landmark Financial’s contract period depends on the kind of plan you choose. If you decide to go with Plan A, then you may terminate your contract at any time. However, if you want to withdraw within the year, then you must pay all related fees before transferring to another plan. Plan B and Plan C both have a minimum contract period of one year.

Final Thoughts

Landmark Financial Japan is one of the many financial firms worldwide. It’s a company that ensures you get the most returns and profit. There is a dedicated team that oversees your account to ensure that facts and figures back all decisions. You need to put up the minimum investment amount, and you’re well on your way to building a profitable investment portfolio.

Dorothy Moore