Important Things to Keep in Mind Before Selecting a Coworking Space in Los Angeles

Choosing the right coworking space involves various elements to ensure that’s it a place for you. Think of different elements you’d like in your independent area to keep you motivated and comfortable. Take a look at a few things to consider before you get your perfect space.


When checking out a Los Angeles coworking space, this is one of the main factors for determining where you should work. Are you someone that doesn’t like a location deep in a downtown place where it just feels so overcrowded for your commute? Maybe you’re in a place where you can walk five minutes to the location.

Type of Space

Here’s another aspect of getting a Los Angeles coworking space, because now you need to see the type of office. Some people may be more comfortable in a flexible office where they can use for a certain period of the day and pack all their belongings after finishing up their scheduled time. Maybe you need something more permanent, such as a cabin space if you plan to work for long hours on a project with a small group.


It’s a good rule of thumb to do your research on the type of work environment you feel most comfortable. If you’re more of the creative type and you see that a lot of artistic/entertainment people work here, this can be a great place to kick off some fun and collaborative projects. Your niche might be more in a business realm, so find out if there are different investors, companies, and executives that work in this office setting.


Think of the small things like is the place open after hours or on the weekends when you might have some crazy ideas that you just need to start. Do you have access to a parking garage if you plan to drive somewhere else after your work is complete? Are vending machines or break rooms open so that you can get a snack and warm coffee?


Another thing to choose in your shared space in LA is security. Is access to the building by a key card? Are there cameras to monitor things and security people to help keep people safe?

Think of a few things you’d like to help you feel secure and motivated in a coworking space.

Robert Johnson