How You Can Benefit from International Prepaid Cards When Traveling

 How You Can Benefit from International Prepaid Cards When Traveling

People who frequently travel overseas for business, holiday, or any other reason now have the option of taking their international prepaid cards with them. Those who own an international prepaid card and have used it for transactions outside the country can attest to the peerless and amazing benefits it offers.

Compared to other plastic cards like debit and credit cards, international prepaid cards can lower cost significantly since you only have to pay a minimal cost for foreign transaction fees and currency conversion. An international prepaid card can also spare you from the worries of carrying huge amounts of cash from one place to another.

Having an international prepaid card also helps you adhere to the budget you have set. Unlike credit cards, prepaid cards are limited by the balance that is available on the card. As soon as the available balance has been depleted, the transactions also stop. This way, you won’t have to spend beyond your means.

If security is an important concern for you, using an international prepaid card is considered ideal. An international prepaid card minimizes your chances of getting skimmed—a prevalent practice in many countries abroad. While unfortunate to note, the most common victims of skimming are vulnerable tourists.

Other Enticing Benefits of Using an International Prepaid Card

Below are some of the exciting and enticing benefits of using an international prepaid card:

  • You have the option to load up to 16 different currencies on the same card.
  • You can avail of attractive discounts at shops and merchants outside the country.
  • You can be given reward points for transactions you do using your international prepaid card.
  • You have the option to check your balance at any ATM across the globe. In many cases, the prepaid card provider will also send a notification or text message following a withdrawal or purchase transaction where your balance will be indicated.
  • You can easily track your transactions when you use an international prepaid card.
  • You have the option to avail of add-on cards in case your international prepaid card gets lost or stolen.

What to Remember When Using Your International Prepaid Card

When using your international prepaid card to make transactions or do withdrawals outside the country, it is recommended that you keep the following basics in mind:

  • When you use an international prepaid card, you will be able to save a significant amount in terms of currency conversion charges.
  • With your international prepaid card, you have the option to load different currencies on your card. You also have the option to choose the currency conversion with the most favorable rates.
  • The most offered currencies are the British Pound, Euro, United States Dollar, and the Australian Dollar.
  • If you deplete the balance of your international prepaid card while outside the country, you have the option to reload money at any time you deem fit. Once the money has been loaded successfully onto your card, you can make purchase or withdrawal transactions right away.
  • In the event that you misplace your international prepaid card or it gets stolen, you can have the card blocked right away. All you need to do is get in touch with the provider. You can check the customer care number on the back of the card or you can also check the provider’s website for other ways you can request for blocking of the card.
  • Most international prepaid cards are honored and accepted at merchants and ATMs where other plastic cards are accepted. If ever you get declined, check with your provider right away so the problem can be resolved asap.

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