Help with the Incorporation Process in Singapore

 Help with the Incorporation Process in Singapore


Singapore is known as the business hub that is leading in Asia, so it is the “gateway” for any company that wants to tap into the Asian market.  Incorporating a company is a process that many companies will save time and money when they have a business that is helping them through the entire process. 

Pre-incorporation needs

Those businesses that help with incorporation services Singapore make certain your company is ready for applying to the “Company Registrar of Singapore” or ACRA.  These companies will ensure that you meet the pre- incorporation requirements such as:

  • Having a minimum of one shareholder;
  • Having the minimum opening paid-up capital;
  • Having a minimum of one company Secretary;
  • Having a minimum of one local or resident Director;
  • Local address that is registered for the company office.

Services offered

These businesses will offer services to assist any company in their incorporation process.  These services include:

  • Business licensing;
  • Administration services;
  • Company registration;
  • Compliance support;
  • Company secretarial services;
  • Director services;
  • Temporary CFO;
  • Singapore registered address.

Compliance rating

A good business to help you through the process will be there to make certain your company maintains a good compliance rating with the Singapore authorities.  They will help with situations that you might have never thought about such as the options that are there in order to open a corporate bank account in Singapore.  Whether you are a corporate business or only one individual, these businesses are fast and affordable. 


It is advisable to any company wanting to do business in the Asia marketplace, to hire or work with one of the business offering incorporation help.  In the long run they will have you up and running and making money quickly. It will be much better to have a business guiding you through the entire process of incorporation in Singapore.

Dorothy Moore