Health Insurance For A 30-Year-Old

 Health Insurance For A 30-Year-Old

In the present era, health insurance is something imperative that no one should ignore. The ailments vary with the varying environment, and one cannot assure that he will not have to suffer from something which can be termed as critical illness. The cost of treatment for such diseases touches the sky with advanced options available in the medical field, and hence to stay safe and secured, there is no better way than having health insurance.

What is the right age to go for health insurance?

There is no right age for this best buy for life. One, when comes to know about it, can be termed as the right time. However, as per the experts who are there in this field, the age of 30-year is the ideal time. It is so because, at this age, one starts to take responsibility of family, career, and overall development where he cannot ignore health. Many health issues eventually begin at this age. Usually, a male member of the family gets married at the age of 26, and by 30, he has the responsibility of a kid or two with the spouse. Hence ignorance of health insurance may lead to severe trouble if he is detected with some of the critical illness.

The cost and availability of the plan

The age of 30 is considered as an age when one may not have any disease yet developed and detected. If someone has got critical ailment at this age, it can be termed as an exception. Hence one can go for any Health Insurance Plan at a low cost. Usually, companies prefer to have clients who are free from any diseases, and they offer them policies at a low price.

One can find companies that offer plans with ample benefits, but they need to be sure about the medical condition of the client. For this reason, they prefer to have the medical test of the client done. As clients with the age of 30 are usually free from any disease, they can have better plans for medical insurance at a low rate.One, if goes for health insurance at the age of 30, can have no claim bonus and other benefits also as he does not have any claim for some years.

Which health insurance one should go for at the age of 30?

As this is an ideal age when one can lead a disease-free life, it is better to go for a plan with complete coverage. Usually, insurance policies do not cover pre-existing diseases for a period of 3 years. At the age of 30, commonly people do not have any such disease also. Hence a policy with complete coverage or even a floater policy can be of much help as gradually after some years, and the insurance company starts covering the diseases such as diabetes, blood pressure, and many more. Hence if one develops any of such diseases after this age also, he is protected perfectly by medical insurance.

The floater policy can also be of good help at this stage where one and his spouse may be covered in a single policy. If they are planning to have a baby, the cost of delivery of the baby may also be covered by specific policies. In case of any complication during pregnancy, one can have monetary support from the insurance company in the form of a claim. Looking at various points, one can say that the age of 30 can be called as a perfect age when one should go for medical insurance and safeguard his health as well as pocket.


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