Group 500 Review – What Features Make Group 500 A Suitable Broker For You?

 Group 500 Review – What Features Make Group 500 A Suitable Broker For You?

Group 500 Review

Group 500 is a new but well-crafted brokerage platform that meets the requirements of every type of trader. It is providing its services in trading Forex, CFDs, stocks, and cryptocurrencies. This Group 500 review will help you to know which of its features make it the most suitable choice for you.

The first impression of Group 500 is very attractive and positive. It is a mixture of dynamic and static graphics which look highly professional. The firm knows what exactly the customers’ needs and wants are. But in this review, we will be giving more time to its functional features rather than appearance. Let’s dive deeper to see which features make this film stand out.


Almost every trader faces some problem at least once in their career, but some traders don’t know how to correct their mistake. This situation arises due to a lack of knowledge and education. Group 500 makes sure that its customers know exactly what they are doing. For that purpose, it organizes trading sessions for them and provides educational materials as well. It contains hundreds of video lectures and text material which is provided free of cost. 

Trading Instruments

In online trading, chances of profit and risk of loss go side by side. That is why seasoned traders invest money in multiple trading instruments so that if they face loss in one asset, they recover it from other instruments. This is why the diversification of portfolios is of prime importance. Group 500 understands this point very well. That is why it is providing the opportunity to trade hundreds of assets under the following categories:

  • Forex
  • Stocks
  • Commodities
  • Digital Currencies
  • CFDs

Multiple Trading Accounts

Group 500 is one of those few brokerage platforms which provide a variety of trading accounts to their customers. With different versions of trading accounts, it fits traders in the most comfortable manner. It has created an environment where all traders are treated evenly because the accounts are tier-based. You will receive all the money to trade which you deposited because it doesn’t charge any hidden fees. In addition, you can keep upgrading from basic to luxury accounts because the platform never restricts its traders from doing so. It provides the following account types at the moment:

  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Signature

The features which are being provided in these accounts are educational materials, trading news, 24/5 customer support, trading signals, account manager, trading algorithms, and credit line for premium trading events. 

Secure Platform

Security is an important aspect that must be considered while selecting a broker. Always pick a broker who can prove that it has nothing shady going on. Fortunately, Group 500 is one of few brokers who have succeeded in proving their integrity. We inspected the website itself and the terms and conditions and found nothing doubtful. It uses encryption technology to secure the information of its customers and a verification feature to stop the entry of unauthorized persons. These two features provide a layer of extra protection and leave no room for shady business. 

Portable Trading Platform

Group 500 uses a proprietary trading platform that is web-based but optimized to be used on mobile devices as well. It means that you can trade even when you are on the move without any problem. In addition, the platform is user-friendly and intuitive for both the new and expert traders. It is a feature that lets all its traders achieve the most out of this platform.

Final Remarks

I have researched this broker from every point of view, and now I am content with the features which it offers. Its collection of assets and trading accounts is diverse and allows every type of trader to work with it. Your funds will be safe with Group 500 because it has implemented top-notch security measures. Keeping an eye on all its features, I recommend you to register yourself with this broker because from the research which I have done on Group 500. I am sure that you will not feel disappointed. 

Elyse Sanford