Four effective rules to demo trade the market 

 Four effective rules to demo trade the market 

The experienced traders are always making consistent. They are not trading the market under stress. If you wish to learn your life based on the Forex market, make sure you are not taking too much risk in any trade. Trading is all about developing the perfect skills and following the discipline. You might be the richest person in Australia but you should never think you can bet against the trend. There are few rules which must follow to become a profitable trader. In this article, we will give you some amazing guidelines which will help you to master the art of trading in the demo environment.

Demo trade for six month

You need to have the mentality to demo trade the market for at least six months. Those who are making a consistent profit have extensive demo trading experience. No one can learn to trade with real money since the risk is too high. You should never try to master the art of Forex trading business with real money since it increases the risk factors to a great extent. Though you will feel bored with the demo trading environment it is the only way to develop your trading skills. Most importantly you will be able to trade the market with patience.

Develop a trading strategy

During the demo trading process, you need to work hard to develop a simple trading strategy. Without developing a valid trading strategy you will always lose money. The pro traders in the CFD trading industry are analyzing the market data based on a few logics. These logics are nothing but a trading strategy. You might feel confused at the initial stage but once you start to trade the market with low-risk exposure you will feel the change in your trading approach. So, use the demo account is a very effective way so that you can create the perfect trading strategy.

Find your risk tolerance level

When you will demo trade the market, you will often lose trades. The losing trades should be considered as your learning curve. If you manage to trade with the high risk you are just trading with emotions. In the demo environment, you should find your risk tolerance level and only then you will be able to make a big profit. After you switch to the real account, you might feel shaky after losing a few trades. But think about your demo trading performance. Stick to the trading strategy and ignore the results. If you can follow this technique, you will succeed in trading. However, some might not feel comfortable by risking 2% of the account balance in the real market. They should lower down the risk to 1% as it one of the easiest ways to reduce the stress in trading.

Fixing the faults

Demo trading accounts are not only used to learn the art of trading. These accounts can be used to fix the faults in the trading system. Those who are relying on complicated trading strategies often forget to find the faults in the system. They should start using the demo account and backtest their trading strategy. But make sure you are noting down the details of the trades executed in the demo account. Analyze the losing trades and bring some change to your trading system. Again demo trade the market until you feel comfortable with your trading strategy. Things are not so hard but the traders always find a way to lose money. Always fix the faults in the trading strategy and you will eventually succeed.


Learn to take advantage of the demo account since it is the only way to learn to trade without losing any real money. Never get biased with your trading result rather stick to the long term goal. Focus on the simple method and trade the market with rational logic. Last but not least, have faith in your strategy.

Elyse Sanford