Five Most Expensive Cities to Buy Property in Egypt

 Five Most Expensive Cities to Buy Property in Egypt

Living in Egypt can be an amazing experience. It has one of the oldest civilizations, unique vacation spots, and many tourist destinations. Egypt has become the central business destination for investors and businessmen from all over the world.

Egypt offers both residential and commercial properties for sale. You can buy classical houses, villas and numerous luxurious apartments in developed cities of Egypt. Some of the exclusive property in Egypt can be bought in the following cities

  1. Aswan

Aswan is a beautiful city famous for its beautiful Nile Valley scenery, significant archaeological sites, and amazing atmosphere. The weather in Aswan is warm, which makes it the best place to live in winters. Aswan is a busy market and primary tourist center. It has a major dam that provides power supply and keeps water flow constant.

This city has many hotels for tourists, and you can also buy nice apartments and houses in this city. The price of the decent property on average is about 2,500,000 EGP, maybe less if you are a cash buyer.

  1. Faiyum

This city is known for its fertility and abundance of plants and animal life. Some of the most famous death masks and mummy portraits are present in this city. This city has beautiful beaches and ancient pyramids.

Faiyum has many markets and many agricultural lands. You can buy luxurious property at an average price of 3,000,000 EGP.

  1. Giza

It is also a major city and the capital of the Giza Governorate. This city has some of the most impressive ancient monuments in the world. There are many complex ancient Egyptian royal and sacred structures in this city.

Giza has the most famous Egyptian pyramids. Some of the pyramids in Giza are encountered as the largest structures ever built. Many luxurious apartments can be bought in Giza. On average, you can buy a nice furnished apartment at the price of 3,900,000 EGP.

  1. Alexandria

It is the second most popular city in Egypt after Cairo and has many popular places where you can buy an exclusive property. Alexandria is the primary seaport and major industrial center. Today this city has become the main tourist attraction.

Alexandra has many amazing places where you can buy an exclusive property. You can buy a decent apartment at an average price of 4,400,000 EGP.

  1. Cairo

Cairo is the capital city of Egypt and centre of its finance. It is located on the Nile River. Twenty percent of the entire population of Egypt is living in Cairo. There are universities, many organizations, and major banks in this city.  Wealth in Egypt is not assigned by the city, but considering the economic situation and being the political capital of Egypt, it is the wealthiest city.

Cairo is not expensive regarding food or accessories but real estate is high in this city. Villas in Cairo are available at an average price of 7,000 to 10,000 EGP per square meter. You can buy exclusive property at an average price of 4,900,000 EGP.



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