Finding The Right Employees For Your Team

 Finding The Right Employees For Your Team

While leadership drives a company, employees are the vehicle that makes things happen. These are the faces that greet customers daily and work to make goals happen. Therefore, hiring a solid staff is the key to ensuring productivity. The right crew makes a difference. Here are three tips for finding the right fit.

Be Straightforward

Anger, frustration and drama can really mess up a team, and these feelings often emerge when people don’t feel they can perform up to standards. When you place ads or handle interviews immediately establish clear goals. How long will people work each day? Does overtime happen often? Don’t hesitate to state the truth. Your go-getters may see this as an excellent opportunity to aspire to greatness. Those that aren’t ready can choose to turn down the opportunity. In addition, be very specific about the position’s needs and the prospective employee’s prerequisites. List out programs, certificates and knowledge that help make this spot work. If someone doesn’t meet the qualification, don’t hire him or her.

Be Thorough

First impressions can be deceiving. Some interviewees have mastered the art of personality and confidence, yet they may not have conquered the world of business. In the finance world, you want someone you can trust; thus, take the time to look into the candidates further. It’s easy to have a friend make a recommendation. It’s simple to forge a resume. Once the list is narrowed, perform employer background check services, verifying previous experience and personal history.

Be Interactive

Don’t think that the second interview has to be in a conference room. When torn between two or three applicants, ask each person to participate for a day, learning the ropes and environment of the establishment. As individuals work with your permanent group, observe attitude, work ethic and dynamic. In fact, at the end of the day, ask staff members you trust to provide feedback. Who did they find pulled weight and gained respect?

Give yourself a solid foundation. Pick not only the most qualified candidate but the one that suits your team.

Dorothy Moore