Facets that can impact your business in Singapore

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Singapore is ranked second in the globe for business comfort. When it arrives at operating a business, it never disappoints. Singapore is presently the nicest spot to begin a business if you want to broaden your multinational reach.

Registering a corporation in Singapore is free of red tape and is a simple chore. In addition, the government gives tax freedoms to startups and enables them with several schemes in their introductory days.

How to Register a Company in Singapore?

The Accounting & Corporate Regulatory Authority works as the Company Registrar. It oversees the procedure for company enrollment in Singapore. The residents, as well as distant business holders, privilege by employing a registered filing dealer to erect a business in Singapore. It is particularly substantial for foreigners needing to begin a business in Singapore.

Foreigners cannot self-register a new corporation and must employ a regional business registration provider. They are also required to acquire a work visa or work pass in Singapore. With their professional understanding, these experts can direct you to the detailed solutions for Singapore company registration, recouping important time & money.

Characteristics that Can Affect Your Choice of a Business Structure

Number of Owners/Members/Partners

  • If you plan to be a sole business holder, enrolling in a sole proprietorship may demonstrate helpful to you. You will be prepared to give rise to all business decisions.
  • If you are two or further (up to 20) professionals/companies with a complementing set of abilities, registering an LLP may substantiate positive for you.
  • If you are an organization of 1-50 people who own a fraction of the capital of the business at limited hazard, registering a private limited company may labor for you.

Initial Investment

If you expect to begin small, work hard, and thrive in your business, beginning a sole proprietorship and then renovating it into a private limited company is an alternative open to you.


The business structure distinguishes your liability. The liability of a sole proprietor and partners in an LLP is endless. It settles their assets at hazard. The liability of shareholders in a private limited company is restricted to their investment in its lots. Shareholders’ possession is safe.

Income Tax Rates

  • The Pte Ltd company spends corporate tax (0%-17%) on its taxable earnings. Its holders or the shareholders do not have to reimburse it.
  • The holders of a sole proprietorship or a partnership have to expend personal revenue tax (0%-22%) on their earnings from their business.

Funding for Expansion

Banks, monetary institutes, and investors discover a private limited company extra credible. It can effortlessly raise capital for its development or the growth of its business actions. The credibility of a sole proprietorship relies on its owner, and that of LLP relies on its partners. It is not simple for these businesses to find for their development.

Main Requirements for Singapore Company Registration-

  • Company name: Authorized company name and enrolled with ACRA
  • Director: Need at least one director who is either a citizen of Singapore, Singapore Permanent Resident, or EntrePass owner
  • Shareholders: Minimum of 1 and an utmost of 50 shareholders
  • Registered Local Address: You require a local registered address in Singapore for the corporation office
  • Company Secretary: Appoint at least one company secretary within 6 months of the registration period of the company. Hire TImcole as your digital corporate secretary, which offers Xero cloud accounting solutions up to 80% PSG.
  • Initial Paid-Up Capital: Minimum of S$1 in introductory paid-up capital

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