Don’t get clasped with a dark UEN

 Don’t get clasped with a dark UEN

ACRA presently gives Singapore business holders the alternative to select a preferred Unique Entity Number (known as a Special UEN, or “SUN”) for their recent Company, LLP, or business, at the juncture of registration or when restoring a business to a different entity type.

The UEN fulfills to lend confirmation to the social (including your clients, suppliers, spouses, associates) that your Singapore business is a lawful and legally known business/corporate being enrolled with Singapore’s Registry for companies, the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA).

The UEN is furthermore utilized as an identifying entity digit when transacting with government bodies – such as documenting your corporate tax return or about an import and export permit.

A number(!) of people think that every digit is crucial and that a ‘lucky’ business registration number (UEN) might fetch them accomplishment – in the identical path as to how one’s energies and destiny might be impacted by the numerology of their name and birthdate. Some may phone it superstitious but, interestingly, each one of us usually has a favorite digit that we value and think will fetch us good luck.

Commonly, when arranging a new business/LLP/Company, you will be handed out with a system-generated UEN. Nonetheless, for a payment, you can now Get your Special UEN(SUN)from a roster of stocked UENs that ACRA has specially curated and broadcasted in advance for their memorability or cultural value (i.e. they might encompass number mixtures that are easier to recall or have culturally favorable numerical sequencing).

Based on the foreseen value that customers might position on a SUN’s unusual numerical arrangement, ACRA has classified these SUNs into two categories: Tier 1 – for $3,000, and Tier 2 – for $1,000, i.e. some SUNs might be discerned as fortunate (more ‘heng’) – especially in Chinese culture – than others, and thus need an elevated price.

  • The two classifications of SUNs are interpreted below:-
  1. Tier 1 numbers – are interpreted as numbers that encompass successive similar numbers, 4 or 5 times in a row (i.e. 99999) (after the entity category code), or any number mixture implicating the number ‘8’.
  2. Tier 2 numbers – are interpreted as numbers that have a repetitious structure (eliminating the number ‘8’), or end with a threefold similar number (such as ‘222’, ‘666’, ‘777’).

Don’t get clasped with a dark UEN by opportunity, select your SUN now while stocks last!

If you expect one of these Special UEN’s – you require to work rapidly! SUN’s are nearly (but not quite) as unusual as hen’s teeth. For instance, on 1 January 2020, you could assign only 717 SUNs for sole proprietor/business beings, 700 SUNs for private limited companies, 227 SUNs for Limited Liability Partnerships (LLP), and 227 SUNs for Limited Partnerships.

Please speak to us if you are interested in setting up a new Company, LLP, or business with a Special UEN. We will enable you to earmark your preferred SUN* and incorporate your new business. Heysara corporate secretarial services are also there ahead to accompany you to your business goal.

We charge just a minor administration payment on top of our conventional assistance fee for earmarking the SUN.


Elyse Sanford