Do small companies need a customs broker in Canada? Find here!

 Do small companies need a customs broker in Canada? Find here!

If yours is a small company that deals in importing goods to Canada, you definitely need to contact a customs broker. Contrary to what some entrepreneurs may believe, custom brokers as relevant to smaller companies as to big giants and brands. Small business owners often have a hands-on approach to various aspects of management, marketing and sales, but when it comes to importing goods for ecommerce or production needs in Canada, it’s necessary to act fast. Hiring a customs broker, such as Clearit customs consulting, could be a big advantage. Let’s take a look at some of the important aspects.

How can customs broker help?

Small businesses and growing companies are constantly trying to cut costs. Hiring a customs broker may seem like an added expense, but their expertise, experience, and understanding of importing rules and requirements are invaluable assets to clients. Business owners often do not realize the extensive and tedious paperwork that goes in importing, and with a customs broker, it is much easier to management everything and keep with compliance needs and regulations.

When it comes trading across the border, customs brokers are extremely useful. They don’t just deal with documentation, but also help with some of the other critical aspects, like classification of tariff. One of the other serious concerns for businesses is the changing nature of importing regulations and laws. To keep up with all of that, customs brokers are critical. Not to forget, they can help your company in avoiding the fines and penalties that may impact operations and business considerably.

Reviewing the work of customs brokers

The role of a customs brokers extends beyond keeping an eye on the laws and regulations. They can take care of paperwork, documentation, and ensure that tariffs are applied as required. They also help businesses in finding more on goods exemption, figure out whether certain goods and materials can be actually imported into Canada, and calculate duties and taxes as applicable, to avoid future complications.

Get advice

One of the other reasons to hire customs broker is to get genuine advice and consultation services. You may want help to set up your importing businesses, or understanding the process of importing and how certain common issues can be avoided. When it comes to tariff classification, customs brokers are extremely useful. Small businesses owners may also want to get advice on how to keep up operations while being compliant.

Think of customs brokers for the long-term – You will need them!

Paul Petersen