Common Employee Injuries

 Common Employee Injuries

Employers in many states, including Florida, must make sure that they carry the proper insurance coverage in the unfortunate event an employee is hurt. On-the-job accidents happen every day, and while many are superficial, others can be life-threatening. Whether you are injured at work or a manager trying to learn about how your workers can become hurt, making yourself familiar with common injuries can help you recognize them.

Slip and Fall

There are times when floor conditions inside or outside may become a hazard. When they do, an employee or a client may slip and fall. Falls are the most often occurring workplace incidents. The resulting damage may range from bruising to head trauma. Many factors go into whether this type of accident is covered under your company’s worker’s compensation insurance Tampa FL. If the company knew the floor posed a danger and didn’t warn people, they are considered negligent. Thus, any resulting injury would fall under workers’ comp coverage.

Repetitive Motion

Jobs that require repetition for hours on end may end in damage to the body part being used. The most common example of this is typing on a keyboard, as many office workers do. If the proper posture and hand positioning are not utilized, workers may start to develop hand pain, numbness and weakness. The condition, known as carpal tunnel syndrome, can be traced back to the keyboarding. As such, the treatment, including surgery, should be covered under the company’s policy.


Some positions require a great deal of physical activity. Outside jobs, such as construction and landscaping, may result in employees overexerting themselves in a few ways. Jobs out in the hot sun may result in dehydration and heatstroke. Overexertion may also extend to bodily injuries, such as back strains. If a physically demanding job is too intensive or done for long periods, it may end in damage to the back or limbs.

Workers’ compensation insurance can be tricky, but when someone gets hurt while performing their job, you will wish your company had it.

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