Buy Bitcoin With Templar Fund

 Buy Bitcoin With Templar Fund

Bitcoin is gaining popularity, becoming one of the most attractive assets to trade. The crypto market cap is now about $300 billion with more than 1500 crypto coins. It comes as no surprise that more and more people worldwide are deciding to get into this industry and starting to invest in crypto.

However, at the beginning trading crypto can seem confusing as the process itself differs from trading on fiat exchanges and what many investors and traders are used to. To get started, the Template Fund platform has got you covered.

The Templar Fund is a privately-owned market making trading desk. Established in 2014, the firm has gained traction across the world. They use Bitcoin for accounting purposes.  While you may deposit and withdraw any currency, during your time with the Templar Fund you will hold Bitcoin.  In other words, this gives you an opportunity to also enjoy the bullish growth of Bitcoin while the Templar Fund earns your returns.  The Templar Fund earned its clients 50% more BTC in 2019.

They charge clients two fees; firstly, a 25.000% profit share and, secondly, a 2.000% withdrawal fee.  The profit share fee is deducted at the end of each trade cycle.  The withdrawal fee is deducted at the time of redemption.  There are no additional fees or charges.

All transactions on the Templar Fund platform are made public: you are welcome to independently scrutinize and verify them. They also provide screenshots to validate their control and ownership of these trading accounts.

To open an account visit  You can also watch an easy-to-understand webinar that takes you completely behind the scenes of the Templar Fund.

Dorothy Moore