Businesses that Thrived in 2020

 Businesses that Thrived in 2020

There were many business closures in 2020, but some few of us survived.

There were a world of businesses across all sectors of industry that closed their doors for good in 2020. Among these were big brand names, such as Debenhams and House of Fraser. Looking back, it seems obvious that bricks and mortar retailers with multiple departments would go first. At the time, it all seemed so unimaginable.

As life changed and the high street slowed to a crawl, more and more brands suffered their final death. We saw countless names go into bankruptcy, heard countless stories of people desperate for work, and saw too many new faces in the queue for the food bank. 

With all the drama and departures, there were a few firms that did reasonably well, all things considered. Some of those are detailed below.

The Businesses that Survived the Pandemic

Not all of us made it through 2020, but those that did seem to have done fairly well for themselves. Some of the following brands are names that prospered during the pandemic – but not because of it.

1 – Sugru

Moldable rubber people Sugru seem to have done well during the recession. They offer multiple types of moldable silicone-setting glue, that lets you build, stick, or secure things. You can use it all over the home in multiple ergonomic ways. This is probably why they did so well mid-pandemic. With everyone staying at home all the time, they were able to cash in on the home repair front.

2 – Healthcare Providers

Next on the list of people who have been busy during the pandemic, are the healthcare providers we have all been dependent on to save our lives. They have been flat out, working end-to-end hours to save as many as possible. It is unfortunate that they couldn’t save us all – but also a big investment opportunity for those with their eyes on the cash prize. 

It might seem heartless, but healthcare is going to improve to match expected standards. We are also going to see improvements in technology and equipment to meet demand. If you have spare money at the moment, put it in healthcare and let it work for you.

3 – Fast food

Door Dash, Uber Eats, Just Eat, and a number of other food delivery apps, have all made a small fortune in the last year. The food delivery industry boomed as soon as the restaurants closed down. With eateries no longer safe, takeaway food became the star attraction. Fast food places made money and the delivery drivers they hired did too.

Be careful when ordering from food delivery aps. Make sure you choose one that pays its drivers properly. They do good work regardless of danger level.

New Businesses of 2021

What are we likely to see in 2021? More fast food, better tech dedicated to the WFH culture, and a wealth of internet start-ups. Hopefully, the rest of the economy will pick back up too, but that remains to be seen.

Elyse Sanford