BITANO – Investing Bitcoin 2021: [How to play Bitcoin effectively guidance]

 BITANO – Investing Bitcoin 2021: [How to play Bitcoin effectively guidance]

What is Bitcoin investment?

Investing in Bitcoin is using your money to put your money in Bitcoin with the expectation that the price of Bitcoin will rise in the future to sell at a price higher than the purchased price.

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Is bitcoin investment safe?

Investing in bitcoin is a risky investment. Because the technology creating Bitcoin is also very new. And Bitcoin itself is also developing day by day to become complete.

No one knows before tomorrow what Bitcoin will become. Or will there be any currencies to replace Bitcoin?

So, when you invest, you should only use money that losing will not affect your life.

Bitcoin’s investment risks

Investing or playing bitcoin can bring you huge profits. However, if the revenue is high, the risk is also extremely high. Some risks you need to know before investing:

  • Price volatility
  • Security
  • User: This error is caused by user carelessness. It could be forgetting or leaving the secret keys to access the wallet, transferring the wrong address.
  • Exchanges

Should still invest in bitcoin in 2021?

We have just passed the first few months of 2021. Bitcoin price has consistently broken high and currently stops at almost 42,000 USD.

It is due in part to the Bitcoin Halving event in 2020, the Bitcoin mining reward halved. According to historical data, after this event, the price of Bitcoin increased dramatically.

However, Bitcoin is a venture capital channel, and many people get rich thanks to Bitcoin, but some also lose a lot.

How much money does Bitcoin investment need?

You only need 2 million VND to buy 0.01 BTC. So, with 2 million VND, you can also play bitcoin. Although this amount is not much, I recommend only trying 2-4 million to get acquainted.

Investing in Bitcoin instruction for newbies

  1. Learn about Bitcoin
  2. Create a Bitcoin wallet
  3. Buy bitcoin and how to buy it
  4. Reputable exchanges

Some famous exchanges such as:

  • Binance exchange
  • Huobi floor
  • KuCoin exchange

Blogtienao encourages you to choose the Binance exchange. Because it is the largest exchange in the world right now, and the ecosystem is rich with many services.

4 Tips for investing in Bitcoin

  • New investors should trade in small quantities
  • Always keep your account, wallet safe
  • Do not store Bitcoin for too long on the exchange
  • Regularly updated Bitcoin news

Bitcoin or Altcoin are both profitable investment trends in the future instead of Gold or USD. However, you should invest in Bitcoin wisely and strategically.

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