AVALO-energy: The Revolutionary Use Of Electricity

 AVALO-energy: The Revolutionary Use Of Electricity

If you are looking for an opportunity to earn a passive income while contributing to energy development, AVALO offers you a one-time investment plan that allows you to get paid whenever someone uses electricity at home.

The energy company gives new investors access to an investment opportunity through its six plans that offer between 5 and 220 shares. According to the company, once you purchase an investment plan, you earn a pre-ICO token. Once AVALO goes fully operational, it will convert it to real Ether token.

According to the information released by AVALO, you can also join the company’s affiliate program. You will earn 50 tokens once you sign up. Then, you can also continue earning from referrals, up to the third generation. The first generation earning is 12%, 7% and 4% commission for the second and third generation respectively.

The company stated that “Build your team and receive a commission from three levels whenever someone makes a deposit. Earnings from the affiliate program are immediately available in your Bitcoin wallet. You don’t have to ask for it! We send your commission immediately and directly and you can check it on the BTC blockchain”

AVALO-energy makes it clear that investing in its power idea is not rocket science. Visit their official website and create an account. Choose from the six investment plans, and start getting paid in BTC as people consume electricity.

AVALO is expected to hit the markets soon. When it does, current investors may have finally found a practical way to increase their income for life.

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