5 best affordable star health insurance plans and their reviews

 5 best affordable star health insurance plans and their reviews

Star Health and Allied Insurance Company is the first standalone insurer in India. It has completed over a decade in the business with a stable customer base and surveys. It is a joint venture of five established and renowned companies, and Star Health insurance review has been excellent over the years. The company is in the limelight for the well-balanced and comprehensive plans that it offers at affordable premiums. The prime picks and bestsellers among all the policies of Star Health Insurance are extensive and far-reaching. Let us have a look at the top five plans and the Star Health Insurance review from Turtlemint.

Top 5 Star Health Insurance Plans in India

One of the various reasons behind noteworthy Star Health insurance review is the wide range of plans available. Customers have as many as 15 different plans available with extensive coverages and benefits. The five top-selling policies out of these cover individuals and families.

Star Family Health Optima Insurance Plan

Star Family Health Optima is a comprehensive and well-designed plan comprising the health requirements of every family member. The disposition offers family floater facility and tax benefits to the insured along with numerous coverages. Auto recharge at zero cost, increase in the sum insured for every no-claim year, coverage on donor expenses, etc. are the unit selling points of the policy.

Customer Review: The plan covers all the major coverages and offers additional benefits to the insured and his family. Since newborns are also covered in the policy, one does not have to buy individual plans to meet their health needs.

Star Comprehensive Health Insurance Plan

This one is the most popular policy with commendable Star Health insurance review from the existing consumers. Ideal for those who are comfortable with high premium rates, this plan covers annual health check-up costs, 100% increase in the sum insured for every no-claim year and other comprehensive benefits.

Customer Review: The plan has everything one could ask for a health insurance policy. From better coverages and cent per cent additional perks, the insured gets everything in hand.

Star Senior Citizens Red Carpet Health Insurance Plan

Competitive and vital policy coverage for senior citizens, this health policy takes care of the elders in a family. The company provides exclusive benefits like outpatient consultation with pre and post hospitalisation coverage for 90 days each.

Customer Review: Star Health Insurance Review for this one is also appreciable as customers have claimed to receive satisfactory coverages.

Star Health Gain Insurance Plan

This plan is available for family and individuals as consumers can customise it as per their demand. The sum insured is for the customers to choose as they can decide the premium rates out of the four available options.

Customer Review: The flexibility of choice gives more exposure to the insured individuals as they can get to decide their health needs accordingly.

Star Medi-Classic Health Insurance Plan

This policy has also received positive Star Health insurance review for the hospital expenses it covers for almost everything, including accidental injuries. Available for both individuals and families, one can get up to 200% auto-restoration facility.

Customer Review: The reasonable premium rates and customisable coverages are the most favourable features of the plan. One can customise the benefits of the policy by altering the premium rates as per their requirements.

Star Health Insurance Review and customer response have been commendable over the years. The company has maintained a considerable ICR (Incurred Claim Ratio) with 73% in the previous fiscal year. Customers must go through the range of plans available to choose the most suitable one for their family. A reliable health insurance company is worth the money, after all!

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