3 Types of Companies That Use the Cloud

 3 Types of Companies That Use the Cloud

As the internet continues to grow, more people begin using “the cloud” as it is commonly known. The cloud allows everyone to have access to the data they store which is convenient for people who use more than one device to access their documents or other files. However, while this data doesn’t take up any physical space, it still needs to be stored somewhere, which often means that companies will buy virtual space in data centers. These companies are more common than you might think, so here are some examples of types of companies that use the cloud to store information in data centers.


Online banking is bigger than ever, and some of the nation’s largest banks have millions of customers who keep their personal banking information in their services. Your financial information is one of the most important things to keep safe, so banks need to be especially careful when dealing with data center services Plano. Online banking systems have some of the toughest virtual security on the planet because banks need to keep the information of all their customers safe to remain trustworthy in the eyes of the public.

Video Games

Video games are a form of media that is entirely virtual, and most games today have some kind of online information that they collect about individual players. For example, Pokémon, one of the most popular game franchises ever, recently released a mobile app called Pokémon Home. This app allows players to transfer the creatures they have befriended from other games into the newest games in the franchise. This functions through storing the information for each creature in the cloud and then converting that information into the form it needs to be in to go back into the games.

Word Processors

Applications such as Microsoft Word and especially Google Docs and the programs similar to it are one of the most well-known examples of companies using data centers and the cloud. Google Docs automatically saves any document you create to your own personal Google Drive, and then you can access that document from any device, provided you are signed in with your account. Google Drive acts as an individual data center for every person.

Online data centers have sufficiently reduced the amount of physical space needed to store data. These kinds of internet data services are used all around you every day, and being aware of what they are and how they work can increase your understanding of our ever-evolving technological world.



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