3 Things to do this Diwali on a Limited Budget to make is Special!

 3 Things to do this Diwali on a Limited Budget to make is Special!


The air around us is already courting us with the sweet & savory festive season approaching us. Diwali, one of the most cherished festivals in India is round the corner and we cannot help but imagine the fun, frolic and cozy family-time it brings with itself. While we are at it, and before we get busy with the ‘household duties’ Diwali carries with it, let us get creative!

Ask yourself-“What to do differently this Diwali?” There must be more than just sweets, firecrackers and worshiping rituals, right? ‘What about the budget?’ you may ask. Well, we have covered everything for you.

Here are the top things to do this Diwali, even if you are on a limited budget!


You might have thought about doing so last year, or someone from your family might have brought up the topic recently. What did you decide? Well, Diwali is a festival resembling purity and piousness. There will never be a more auspicious occasion to give your homethat look you’ve been dreaming for so long. White-wash, decorative wallpapers, opulent lightingfixtures, replacing furniture, kitchen Makeover, and thorough cleansing of the dark corners will be on the top of your list. Sailing on a tight budget? We understand, festive seasons in India can drain your bank account quickly. Worry not because platforms like RupeeRedee are solving this challenge faced by urban dwellers forever. With RupeeRedee, you can get an instant personal loan within 5-minutes into your bank account! In fact, the process is 100 percent online. 

Light up your family’s life this Diwali with anmesmerizinghomeMakeover!

Shopping Spree

This point needs no introduction as such, but the way we shop during Diwali season can be tweaked and made a little more interesting. While trotting inside a mall and sticking to your favorite brands is always an option, this Diwali you can do something different. Take these points into consideration and see if they strike your attention;

  • Instead of going into the malls, invade your local market. Try to buy the items you desire from local vendors and small businesses. Not only you’ll be supporting them, but contributing to the most important segment of our economy. For e.g. Instead of procuring colorful lamps from a mall-shop, purchase it from a roadside vendor wishing him/her a happy Diwali!
  • Go eco-friendly! Pollution is a concern, especially in the urban hotspots of our country. When you go on a splurge this festive season, try to add organic, green and eco-friendly products to your cart.

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Charity Begins at Home

Festive seasons are all about us and our families. True. But, have we ever thought about those less-privileged than us? Why not make this festival of Diwali a little more happening and positive for those less-fortunate than us? Charity is not only about donating money. Little acts of kindness from everyone can make this world a better place. You can donate a few clothes to the street dwellers, sweets to children, food & medicine supplies to animal shelters, etc. It is all about the intentions at the end of the day. 

Festivals are one of the best by-products of tradition &culture. This Diwali, indulge your senses, shop, socialize, spread love & positivity, and create priceless memories. Checkout RupeeRedee for your instant money needs now!

Paul Petersen