Month: <span>September 2023</span>

Crucial Cybersecurity Measures To Protect The Mobile Banking

Recent data shows that attacks on mobile banking are increasing, and imposters are becoming more sophisticated. A report from 2021 that studied millions of devices worldwide found an 80% increase in new banking trojans, which are malicious software that try to steal passwords sent via text message. In light of these threats, it’s crucial to […]Read More

Justin Waller’s net worth- From humble beginnings to financial success

A successful hedge fund manager in the modern age, Justin Waller stands out among high-stakes investors. The founder of JW Asset Management boasts an estimated personal net worth exceeding $1.2 billion. However, unlike many ultra-wealthy financiers, Waller came from everyday small-town beginnings. His journey from modest roots to financial stardom holds lessons in striving for […]Read More

Micropayments – How are they revolutionizing publishing?

The publishing world is being shaken up by the emergence of micropayments. Publishers facing falling ad rates and subscription fatigue can generate revenue via these tiny transactions enabled by new financial technologies. Micropayments refer to digital transactions involving very small sums of money, often just pennies or even fractions of a penny. Services like in-app […]Read More