Month: April 2021

Funding Options for Healthcare Projects

There are many ways to finance healthcare projects including non-profit, public/private, and charity. Non-profit companies provide the funds directly to healthcare providers; public/private businesses put together partnerships with other companies and providers; charity provides funds for specific needs. Non-Profit Non-profit companies can fund healthcare projects many ways. In the past, non-profit organizations have been major […]Read More

 What is Zero Depreciation Cover in Your Bike Insurance?

  The chaos and busy traffic on the Indian streets make it all the more necessary for bike owners to get excellent bike insurance for their vehicle, providing maximum coverage. But should you buy a standard two-wheeler insurance online, or should you look for some add-ons too? Let’s read ahead to know about it. Zero […]Read More

Overcoming the most common mistakes at trading

Forex has become very popular, and investors around the world are taking part in the CFD trading business. Though we have a large number of retail traders, the success rate is not that high. Most of them are newbies who have no experience in the marketplace. Some of them are becoming gainers by avoiding mistakes […]Read More

Key Reasons to Acquire a Shelf company!

Readymade or established companies, at times also known as shelf companies, are the companies which are incorporated in previous years and also these companies remained to be inactive. The shelf companies will have certificate of non-trading that confirm that they are completely free from liens, free from judgements, and the shelf companies should not have […]Read More

When do I need an accountant or a financial advisor?

When you are looking for financial advice, you might be wondering whether you need an accountant or a financial planner. When looking at your circumstances you’ll need to think about which (if any) you will need.  Sometimes, you’ll need both. There could come a stage where it becomes necessary for you to have assistance in […]Read More