Month: <span>September 2020</span>


Investors are often overwhelmed with a number of investment options offered to them. From fixed deposits to gold, money market instruments to gold, equities and a combination of these, each set of securities having their own benefits. One of the most popular investment options among investors is mutual funds.This article will explain the top benefits […]Read More

Tax Interest and Deduction Issues

Interest on a permanent home loan paid last year can be deducted by 45 percent. You can also get a deduction from the interest on a loan taken out to renovate your home. The bank notifies the taxpayer of the interest, but it is worth checking it. Household deduction The popularity of household deduction has […]Read More

Safeguard Yourself Against Loan Sharks!

Loan sharks are best avoided. Yet people often fall prey to them and end up paying steep upfront fees along with high interest rates even when they opt for extremely short-term loans. If you’re in financial distress, have a poor credit score or can’t get loans via traditional routes, approaching loan sharks may seem like […]Read More

Sales Tax and Your Best Options Now for Proper Submission

The present study presents the relationship between Taxes, Fees and Contributions and Sales of Goods, Products and Services from a company providing services of to demonstrate whether there is a direct or indirect relationship between the two variables (taxes and sales). The National Tax Code brings the concept of Tax that “is any compulsory cash […]Read More

Common Types Of Accounting Services You Should Know About

Before you set out to hire a reliable accountant firm like Hammonton Accountant, you should know about the common types of accountant services available out there. A business whether big or small requires different accounting services to manage their finances and taxes. They hire accounting firms to help them with their financial management and also to perform […]Read More

A beginner guide of Forex Lots and Pips:

Let us start by asking ourselves what a Lot is. It is a measurement that is used to represent a currency. A Lot size might also mean the amount of risk one takes. The more oversized lot implies a bigger size. Different forex lot size types: To accommodate more investors, the brokers now divide the […]Read More

How Not To Reveal Too Much Online When Branding

Branding your business on the web means capturing the entire essence of your business into your online presence, and making sure your message is heard loud and clear. It also means providing people with a lot of information about who you are and what you do, in order to make them understand why you are […]Read More

Why Do You Need to Calculate the Interest Rate on

When you are planning to study abroad and you need to take a loan for your study, then it is necessary to know about the rate of interest on your education loan because after some time you have to repay it. There are many lenders, banks, NBFCs who provide education loan interest rates but also […]Read More

Facts About Captive Insurance

Everyone can benefit from understanding how captives operate. However, most people never learn about them. If you are one of the many who wants a brief understanding of this insurance method, read on for some key facts. What Is a Captive? To understand more about captives, we must start at the beginning. The strict definition […]Read More