Month: <span>July 2020</span>

Cryptocurrency: What You Need To Know Today

Innovative technologies, like the Internet and smartphones, have drastically changed our lives. Today we spend a lot of time in the digital world and don’t use cash to pay for stuff. Modern life requires new solutions, that’s why new payment systems called cryptocurrencies are emerging. Today, we have nearly 4,000 various types of cryptocurrencies, and […]Read More

How To Find Unusual Options Activity?

Do you want to know how to find unusual options activity? Well, you have come to the right place. In this post, we will tell you everything you need to know. Unusual options activity is the data that is used by traders while informing their trading decisions. This is mainly used when large options traders are […]Read More

Top sites to invest in bitcoin and another cryptocurrency

Investing in a bitcoin is the same as investing in the stock. There can be some differences in the procedure of investment. Here are some steps that should be followed for the stake in bitcoin. First, to open an account in a firm that permits crypto investment. Second, you have to deposit funds from your […]Read More

We bet nobody has told you about these features of

Acurrent account is a type of deposit account maintained solely to carry out large transactions regularly. These accounts are mostly used for businesstransactions between partnership firms, an association of people, trust, or public and private companies. Current accounts allow making limitless transactions through cheques, demand drafts, pay-orders, RTGS or NEFT without any charges. Also, a […]Read More

Importance of Forensic Accounting in COVID-19

As the world is severely entering into the deadly attack of Coronavirus. It is not only affecting the health conditions but also subsequently the market and economy of the world to a great extent. Every day we get newer updates on the virus either related to the treatment, symptoms, or the possible vaccines. All these […]Read More