Month: <span>April 2020</span>

5 Utility Bills you can pay within minutes Online

Out of everything happening around us, one thing that remains constant in our lives is the bills that we need to pay every month. Be it a mere grocery bill or the long lines of electricity bill, it’s constant suffering. Well, many people around you have already skipped this tension of physically traveling to offices […]Read More

What Steps You Must Follow When Your Insured Bike is

Imagine you’ve parked your dream bike in front of your house, and wake up to see that it’s not there anymore. You must’ve heard of a lot of cases of bike thefts from different people. The reason being bikes are easy to hide and dismantle, whereas hiding a car could be a task. Therefore, the […]Read More

Bookkeeping: What You Need to Know

Bookkeeping entails the recording of transactions that are financial and also involves the accounting process in business. This transaction combines the following, receipts, purchase, payment, and sales that are done by a person individually or by an organization. In bookkeeping, there are standard methods involved, and this includes bookkeeping systems that are double-entry and single-entry. […]Read More

Is India’s Tourism Sector In Trouble? What Travel Agents Need

GST is the taxation system for India applied to the goods and services supplied by any individual or any organisation. A travel agency provides all sort of tour related services that includes planning, air or rail ticket booking, hotel booking, cab hire, sightseeing, etc. They design different types of tours like solo tour, family trip, office […]Read More

How to use an offshore company for asset protection?

  When it comes to protecting your assets offshore, it means you have to control your assets using a business instrument in a foreign jurisdiction with favourable laws. You need to take advantage of these asset protection jurisdictions to make the most of it. Offshore asset protection is available in different forms. It is advised […]Read More

Things You Should Know to Get Started with Bitcoin

Bitcoin is in the trendy news today like never before. On account of rollercoaster plunges and soaring costs, everybody is interested in figuring out how to purchase and sell Bitcoin. As the most mainstream type of digital money, Bitcoin is currently broadly acknowledged far and wide and has a developing number of utilizations. Before you […]Read More

Best trading strategies revealed in 2020

The most powerful way to win trading is to use and apply forex trading strategies best trading strategies revealed in the eagle eyeFacebook page. The first strategy to remember is that following a proper system is not enough for a successful business. Every trader needs to know how to deal with all the market conditions, […]Read More