Month: <span>January 2020</span>

Know How Instant Are Instant Personal Loans

The last quarter of 2018 saw a 31% growth in the unsecured lending instrument category such as personal loans, credit cards and others. More and more Indians are turning to personal loans to fuel their aspirations, be it for a dream wedding, travelling abroad or a medical emergency. Source: Urbanization, rapid digitisation, rise of […]Read More

What Is The Importance Of IT Return Filing?

As the country’s fellow taxpayers, it is important to keep a close eye on the annual changes in tax standards as well as on the income tax slabs under which each of us falls. It is with the help of these tax slabs that we can decide in essence how much tax we owe to […]Read More

IR35 Changes Mean A Lot The Recruitment Agencies

The government declared in 2018’s Budget that private sector businesses will be counted as solely responsible for evaluating the employment status of the off-payroll (usually known as IR35) workers they hve engaged so far in the business. Regardless, the worker is working inside IR35, the business or the recruiting agency, or the third party paying […]Read More

What is Stock Market

Financial wellness rests on four main pillars — earning, saving, investing and protecting. One of the most daunting of the four can be looking to invest in the stock market. For beginners, the stock market comes with complicated jargon that can be tricky to tackle. Moreover, stock markets are typically known to be fickle and […]Read More

Which are the prominent features of self-inking stamps?

Self-inking stamps are one of the most imperative and proliferating element in today’s world. They are very popular and demanding as they contribute significantly in the business activities and operations at the helm. These stamps act as a seal that represents the ownership in a general sense. They are economically reasonable and cost-effective and can […]Read More

Best Limits for the Perfect Debt Collection

Apart from the usual course of proceedings, for cases of payment of a certain sum of money, there are also 3 modes: order and writ proceedings, whose choice are voluntary, and simplified proceedings, which are obligatory in certain circumstances. These separate modes are a beneficial alternative to effective recovery due to the shorter time of […]Read More

PayWush – increase in users and transactions

What makes an online money transform platform click Those of you who felt the hassles of operating on online money transfer platforms, will know the importance of operating with a simpler interface. If you are looking for safety in the transaction, you must be aware of the need for encryption for each dealing. You may […]Read More

How You Can Start Your Own Accounting Business

Professional accountants give a clear picture to businesses regarding their finances. They also implement tax mitigation strategies to provide financial benefits to their clients. If you want to open an accounting firm, then read this article. Here you will understand effective ways to begin your own accounting company. Use QuickBooks for Payroll Management QuickBooks is […]Read More