Month: <span>December 2019</span>

Creating A Memorable Brand For Improved Business Practices

The power of branding can never be relegated or ignore in the pursuit of successful business performance. Branding is key to dominance in business, even for an IT consulting firm. Branding is the key to standing out and implanting the signature of your products on the minds of people consciously or unconsciously. With powerful branding, […]Read More

What is the concept of Bookkeeping and its related benefits?

Bookkeeping is the process of recording, analysing, interpreting and evaluating the true financial position of a business and its profitability and solvency ratio in continuing the business as a whole. With the help of bookkeeping you can determine the quantum of assets and liabilities and its debt ratio to evaluate the information and track the […]Read More

How New Players in the Payment Sector are Pacing the

For online businesses, streamlined payments is one key to improving valuable consumer relationships. That’s because players in the payment sector have been working the midnight shift to make payments safer, faster, and universal. Check the list of mergers and acquisitions in the payment sector witnessed in 2019 alone, and it’s easy to tell that the […]Read More

Four effective rules to demo trade the market 

The experienced traders are always making consistent. They are not trading the market under stress. If you wish to learn your life based on the Forex market, make sure you are not taking too much risk in any trade. Trading is all about developing the perfect skills and following the discipline. You might be the […]Read More

Saving Cash is Not Rocket Science But Needs Self-Control

Nowadays, money spending on various things is increasing multifold due to various commitments and luxury living. The present generation loves spending money on luxury items and events purely for entertainment, unlike olden days. The individual who looks for ways to save money should first have self-control in his life, which is inevitable from falling prey […]Read More

Top Reasons to Invest in Recurring Deposits

  In the last quarter of 2018, bank deposit growth stood at 9.3%, below credit growth, which came in at 12.9% y-o-y, according to India Ratings and Research. The agency believes that with credit growth being higher than deposit growth, banks are likely to increase their deposit rates. To make the most of this increase, […]Read More

Perfect guidelines to use the Fibonacci retracement tools

Fibonacci retracement tools are widely used by the trend traders. Those who are well experienced and know about the retail trading business, never trade against the major trend. If you intend to make a consistent profit without risking too much, a Fibonacci trading strategy is one of the most effective ways to trade the Forex […]Read More

Things to do before you apply for a Loan

Loans are your saviours during financial emergencies. They provide you with the requisite funds to ease the load and burden. Availing a loan is now easier than ever with various lenders offering different versions of loans like a home loan, car loan or even the personal loans at a competitive interest rate and longer loan […]Read More